Archived Events

Webinar – Deploying IceWarp SMS Server

2011-02-03 / 2011-02-03 (Washington, DC) — IceWarp SMS Server allows your organization to send and receive text messages right from your IceWarp WebClient to cell phones or SMS supported applications. There are many advanced options as well for mailing lists and system integration possibilities with other applications utilizing IceWarp SMS server. In this webinar we will cover many of these possibilities and the set up and use of the IceWarp SMS Server.

Webinar - Deconstructing True Unified Communications

2011-01-20 / 2011-01-20 (Washington, DC) — IceWarp has been labeled as the only “True” unified communications (UC) platform on the by market leading analysts. The benefits for most organizations in leveraging a UC solution are many fold, but many administrators or business owners feel that to get there is too daunting and complex a task, even knowing these benefits. Let us show you how you can transform your current communications and collaboration infrastructure into a solution that can increase your company’s agility, boost productivity, reduce administrative overhead, and save you money!

Webinar – Welcome to the NEW IceWarp Community

2011-01-06 / 2011-01-06 (Washington, DC) — The NEW IceWarp Community is much more than a forum. It is a place where IceWarp administrators and users can join to discuss anything related to IceWarp from deployments, to business solutions, to system integration, with the IceWarp team and other community members. You can also find and share downloads to software utilities and tools, and training resources such as videos and whitepapers. In this webinar we will introduce you to the IceWarp Community.

On-Line Training is FREE in 2009

2009-04-01 / 2009-12-01 (Washington, DC)Targeted Solutions will be offered entirely FREE for the remainder of 2009. That's 52 live and interactive training sessions and 24x7 access to video archive. Join us every Thursday, 2:30 to 3:30 PM EST.

8th Workshop in Sao Paulo

2009-03-24 / 2009-03-27 (Brasil) — 4-day Extended IceWarp Server Training and Workshop in Sao Paulo, Brasil.
Reservations are open, limited seats.

Training Course in Italy

2009-03-26 / 2009-03-26 (Italy) — IceWarp Italy hosts an advanced training session on system analysis, troubleshooting techniques and email filtering, in Erba (CO).

SecureAsia Congress 2009

2009-03-25 / 2009-03-26 (Malaysia) — Visit IceWarp Malaysia at booth 41, Conference Hall 1 & 2 - Level 3, Kuala Lumpur Convention Center. Opening hours 09:00 - 18:00.

Antispam Best Practices - Free Training Webinar

2009-01-22 / 2009-01-22 (Washington, DC) — Learn how to dramatically improve Spam Identification using IceWarp Server. This session of Targeted Solutions will show you how to capitalize on IceWarp Server's power, flexibility and efficiency. - Thursday, January 8th - 2:30 to 3:30 PM EST.

Security Best Practices - Free Training Webinar

2009-01-15 / 2009-01-15 (Washington, DC) — Server security is a necessity, not an option. Learn the best practices from experts in messaging. Keep your system safe, your data locked down, your clients happy and your messages flowing. - Tuesday, January 13th - 2:30 to 3:30 PM EST

IceWarp Essentials Workshop for Administrators

2009-01-14 / 2009-01-15 (Washington, DC) — Designed for all skill levels, the IceWarp Essentials Workshop offers a comprehensive overview of IceWarp administration and provides the foundation for expert messaging. - Wednesday & Thursday, January 14 & 15

IceWarp France Conference 2008

2008-11-14 / 2008-11-14 (Versailles, France) — A unique opportunity to witness the power of IceWarp Server and to interact with experts and other users. On November 14th in Versailles, France.

IceWarp Turkey Workshop 2008

2008-11-04 / 2008-11-05 (Istanbul, Turkey) — Istanbul, Turkey, will host an Extended IceWarp Merak Mail Server Workshop on November 5th and a press conference on November 4th.

Advanced Messaging and Information Technology Conference

2008-10-01 / 2008-10-03 (USA - Washington D.C.) — Learn how to build the perfect business communication tool and evolve beyond email from the industries top IceWarp Server experts.

IceWarp South America Conference II

2008-08-18 / 2008-08-19 (Brasil) — Event in Sao Paulo, Brasil is a unique opportunity to network with IceWarp management, distributors and large accounts from South America.

Workshop in Sao Paulo

2008-06-24 / 2008-06-27 (Brasil) — Extended IceWarp Merak Mail Server Workshop in Sao Paulo, Brasil. Reservations are open, limited seats.

Training in Vasto (Chieti) Italy

2008-05-29 / 2008-05-30 (Italy) — Day 1: Mail Server - Setup and maintenance. Day 2: Antispam - Antispam module explained. More information at

Workshop in ShenZhen, China

2008-04-21 / 2008-04-22 (China) — IceWarp Mail Server Workshop in ShenZhen, China. Contact IceWarp China for reservation.

Workshop in Hong Kong

2008-04-18 / 2008-04-18 (Hong Kong) — IceWarp Mail Server Workshop in Hong Kong after the ITC Expo. Contact IceWarp HK for reservation.

Workshop in Rio de Janeiro

2008-03-26 / 2008-03-28 (Brasil) — Sixth IceWarp Merak Mail Server Workshop in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Contact IceWarp Brasil for reservation.

Antispam Training Course

2008-02-25 / 2008-02-25 (Italy) — IceWarp Italy hosts a technical training course of Anti-Spam best practices. Hotel Leonardo da Vinci, Erba (CO), Italy. Registrations on

IceWarp Globe Tour - Singapore

2008-02-01 / 2008-02-01 (Singapore) — Live demonstrations of the new technologies in IceWarp Server 9 in Singapore. Special event for resellers, CTO's, technical managers and sysadmins.

IceWarp Globe Tour - Malaysia

2008-01-30 / 2008-01-30 (Malaysia) — Live demonstrations of the new technologies in IceWarp Server 9 in Kuala Lumpur. Special event for resellers, CTO's, technical managers and sysadmins.

Version 9 Exhibition Event

2007-11-16 / 2007-11-20 (Thailand) — Booth J-1 to J-3 at Bangkok International ICT Expo 2007, Challenger Hall, IMPACT Exhibition & Convention Center, Maung Thong Thani.

IceWarp Globe Tour

2007-10-01 / 2007-12-30 (Worldwide) — Admins and technical managers are invited to conferences and live presentations of IceWarp Server Version 9 in capitals around the globe. Stay tuned.

IceWarp Partners Annual Meeting

2007-04-25 / 2007-04-27 (Prague) — All partners are invited to world- wide conference, which will take place in the end of April in Prague.

International ITC Expo

2007-04-14 / 2007-04-17 (Hong Kong) — Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre IceWarp Booth No.5G36 Contact :

Merak Mail Server Training

2007-03-01 / 2007-03-01 (Brazil) — Training of advanced techniques lectured by IceWarp engineers. From May 5th in Rio de Janeiro. Contact IceWarp Brasil for details.

Merak Mail Server training

2006-08-28 / 2006-08-28 (Beijing) — Training and local partners meeting at Beijing, China.