IceWarp Launches the Industry's First Free Professional-Grade Online Training Series for Unified Communications System Administrators

The success of recent IceWarp training bodes well for the company's newest training series devoted to administrators seeking actionable knowledge on their terms.

Washington D.C. Metro Area — June 9, 2009 — In just six months, IceWarp's Targeted Solutions became a hit with IceWarp administrators for its practical, actionable knowledge in the areas of secure email communication, how to track spammers, antispam strategies, security, disaster recovery, load balancing, collaboration, message archiving and simple ediscovery, and more. The company already maintains a free archive of nearly 30 hours of training sessions for IceWarp customers at .

Now, IceWarp is preparing to unveil another component in its live training initiative, its Online System Administrator Training for Unified Communications. „The truth is, the current downturn in the economy makes it difficult for companies to send administrators to training events even if they're local,“ said Chris Knott, IceWarp's VP of Support Operations and primary webinar trainer. „The cost in travel, lost time and lost productivity is significant. We've eliminated all of these with our comprehensive online training program, which includes the session archive.“

IceWarp's online training sessions have proven extremely sustainable, as administrators can participate no matter where they are. Each session is approximately 60 to 90 minutes long, and is fully interactive, giving attendees the chance to ask their questions live and on the air.

Online System Administrator Training for Unified Communications will be held on Thursdays, premiering on June 25, 2009. The first two topics are open to both IceWarp customers and the public. Topics include:

  • June 25: IceWarp Version 10 Launch — Flexible, Affordable and Unified Communications for Enterprises of all Sizes
  • July 2: Discover IceWarp SmartAttach — A Faster, More Secure, More Efficient and Reliable Way to Deliver Email Attachments.

Registration for these and all Online System Administrator Training for Unified Communications sessions is available at training/sche­dule/ .

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IceWarp Server Version 10 is a premium unified communications and collaboration platform that provides secure email, webmail, antivirus, antispam, groupware, SMS, VoIP, instant messaging, Exchange ActiveSync integration and more. For more information please visit .

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