IceWarp's Smar­tAttach Technology Increases Email Attachment Security for 154 Federal Agencies

Using IceWarp SmartAttach, Data Call Systems increases email attachment security for, while reducing bandwidth usage.

Washington D.C. Metro Area – January 6, 2010 – Nearly two months after the release of IceWarp Unified Communications Server Version 10, IceWarp SmartAttach, a new email attachment caching feature, has been deployed for the Federal Interagency Databases Online (

The decision to utilize IceWarp SmartAttach for’s secure messaging was made by Data Call Systems,’s service provider since 1997. “We’ve used IceWarp since 1999 and decided to deploy their new SmartAttach technology to deliver greater attachment security and to reduce our bandwidth utilization since attachments are only delivered if end-users need to access them," said Bruce Troutman, Senior Architect of Data Call Systems.

Who uses FIDO?

Over 150 federal agencies rely on to access and share information via the internet.

IceWarp SmartAttach delivers increased security, simplifies large attachment handling, and dramatically reduces bandwidth usage.

  • Increased security – IceWarp SmartAttach gives the sender the ability to delete email attachments even after the message has been sent. Plus, SmartAttach allows for attachment expiration.
  • Large attachments, bandwidth conservation and improved delivery – Since the attachment is stored securely on IceWarp Unified Communications Server, the recipient can decide to access it at a time of their choosing. This simplifies large file delivery and eliminates bounce backs due to inbox size limitations.

“Data Call System’s deployment of IceWarp SmartAttach for exemplifies the vision we had for this feature,” said Chris Grady CEO of IceWarp, Inc. “We’re delighted to see it being used by such a vital federal agency.”

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About IceWarp – For over a decade, IceWarp has developed messaging solutions for businesses of every class, size and niche. With the arrival of IceWarp Unified Communications Server, the solution now provides fully-integrated communication, collaboration, security and mobility.

IceWarp SmartSolutions includes SmartAttach, SmartSync and SmartDiscover.

About Data Call Systems – Data Call Systems provides the federal government and other organizations with access to widely-dispersed information.

Data Call Systems solutions are designed by lead Systems Architect Bruce Troutman and supported by the Institute of Database Developers .

About – has been used by over 150 federal agencies to share information over the Internet.

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