Radicati Group White Paper Affirms IceWarp Server as a Flexible Messaging and Collaboration Solution for Enterprises and ISPs

Having reviewed IceWarp Server Version 10, The Radicati Group finds a messaging and collaboration solution that it is thoroughly tested to meet the needs of small to large enterprises and ISPs.

Washington D.C. Metro Area — April 30, 2009 — Organizations throughout the world turn to The Radicati Group for the most comprehensive and accurate information in messaging, collaboration and unified communication. Its knowledge and expert analysis is unsurpassed in the field, and is regarded by researchers and industry leaders as amazingly prescience.

The Radicati Group just released a white paper entitled, „IceWarp – a Flexible Messaging and Collaboration Solution for Enterprises of All Sizes.“ It concluded that IceWarp Server adeptly addresses the messaging, collaboration and communication needs of every business class, including small companies, large international enterprises, ISPs, ASPs and data centers.

Business leaders will have to judge for themselves, but The Radicati Group elucidates in detail.

Radicati: IceWarp Server 10 Addresses the Needs of Every Market and Business Class

  • Reliable Messaging Delivery Features
  • Unique Security Features
  • Flexible and Scalable Collaboration Features
  • Anywhere/Anytime Remote Access Features
  • Enterprise-Grade Mobility Features

The Radicati white paper reveals that IceWarp's solution is an advanced messaging platform. Used in every market niche by businesses of all sizes, IceWarp Server provides the power, flexibility and set of features that any organization could want. Even while IceWarp developed a messaging and collaboration platform that can be used by all, it did so without diluting either the strength or the focus of the product.

The following is a small sampling of The Radicati Group's obser­vations as detailed in its white paper.

„(IceWarp) offers a comprehensive messaging and collaboration solution to enterprises of all sizes, from SOHOs to multinational corporations.“

„(IceWarp Server has) unique features that separate it from the competition.“

„One solution, one price, unlimited scalability… IceWarp doesn't break its solution into separate versions, but rather offers a single package to enterprises of all sizes, at the same affordable price.“

„The solution is capable of supporting up to 300,000 users on a single server.“

„IceWarp's mes­saging server can be up and running in about 5 minutes. The administration is straight-forward with an intuitive GUI and automated features.“

„Customers can seamlessly migrate from Windows to Linux and Linux to Windows with 1-click backup and restore operations.“

„(IceWarp Server) enables users to get access to e-mail from such wireless devices as Windows Mobile, RIMs, Blackberry and the Apple iPhone (out of the box).“

„The core messaging server comes with all the expected security features, plus a few extras that are hard to find without paying a large premium.“

„The support for wireless devices, especially the popular iPhone, is another important feature that is hard to find in many comparable solutions at an affordable price.“

„IceWarp is also administrator-friendly. Many tasks that may take hours, or sometimes even days, in comparable enterprise-class messaging, only takes minutes with IceWarp.“

„Entire enterprise servers can get backed up and restored with a simple click of a button.“

The culmination of Radicati's findings are detailed in its white paper, IceWarp – a Flexible Messaging and Collaboration Solution for Enterprises of All Sizes, published in April. Every indication points to IceWarp's unique market and technology advantage.

„IceWarp has developed a unique solution that's time has come, given the current economic climate,“ said Sara Radicati. „IceWarp's of­ferings are considerably less expensive than comparable leading enterprise-class messaging solutions.“

Those interested in reading Radicati's white paper can find it on The Radicati Group's website or on IceWarp's web­site .

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About IceWarp

IceWarp is an independent messaging and collaboration software developer with 10 years expertise in bringing solutions to enterprises of all sizes, from SOHOs to multinational corporations and ISPs.

IceWarp Server is a premium messaging and collaboration platform that provides a full range of services, including secure Email, WebMail, Anti-Virus, multi-layer Anti-Spam, GroupWare, Instant Messaging, VoIP and mobile synchronization. To date, it has been adopted in more than 100 thousand installations and is servicing approximately 50 million end users.

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