IceWarp Announces SmartAttach, a New Technology that Gives Senders the Power to Delete Email Attachments Even After the Message Has Been Sent

SmartAttach is far more than a failsafe – it is also a faster, more secure, more efficient and reliable way to deliver email attachments.

Washington D.C. Metro Area — June 4, 2009 — IceWarp announced today that IceWarp Unified Communications Server Version 10, due for release this month, will include a new radical technology that gives users the ability to delete email attachments even after they have sent the message — a technology that IceWarp aptly named SmartAttach. This failsafe technology is just one of many solutions that IceWarp SmartAttach brings to business.

The following is an overview of SmartAttach's prin­cipal solutions:

1) Senders Can Delete Email Attachments Even After the Message Has Been Sent

Sender's Regret is the angst that one experiences when they realize they cannot recall a document they have sent via email. Perhaps it was the right document to the wrong person, or the wrong document to the right person. In either case, the consequences can often involve embarrassment and even a breach of privacy.

For a business, Sender's Regret is easily magnified many times over, with tangible, real-world, bottom-line results. For instance, in January 2008, a Philadelphia attorney mistakenly emailed a confidential document to the New York Times reporter Alex Berenson, instead of co-counsel Bradford Berenson. The email discussed drug manufacturer Eli Lilly & Company�s con­fidential settlement talks with the government that involved $1 billion. The negative consequences to both Eli Lilly & Company and their counsel were steep once the journalist went public with the information.

If this incident had involved an attachment, IceWarp SmartAttach might very well have prevented exposure of this sensitive information. That's because SmartAttach does not affix the attachment to the email itself – but rather uses email attachment caching, a server-side process that replaces attachments with a unique and secure embedded hyperlink that the recipient uses in order retrieve attachments.

This means that the sender retains far greater control over their transmitted data than ever before; if they ever second-guess the content of an attached document, they can either delete it from the server or swap it for another file; so long as the recipient has not viewed or downloaded the file, access to the attachment can be permanently blocked. In either case, the sender will always retain full control of the original file on the server.

2) Additional Security

IceWarp's Smar­tAttach technology provides security in other ways.

  • SmartAttach files are delivered directly to recipients via download links embedded in the email. Attachments cannot be archived by the recipient email server since they are not an actual part of the message.
  • Administrators can establish expiration dates for SmartAttach files; once expired, SmartAttach documents are deleted from the sender's Files folder on the IceWarp Server.

3) Greater Resource Efficiency

Since SmartAttach stores attachments on the server, recipients can access them when they want to. The file will not be sent to recipients who might not have the need to view it or who prefer to view it at another time.

4) Fewer Load Spikes

SmartAttach reduces overhead processing by sending a link to a file, not the file itself. And since the SMTP service is no longer required for sending files, businesses can avoid degradation in system performance and delays in message delivery.

„SmartAttach offers enhanced security for senders and efficiency for organizations,“ said Dr. Sara Radicati CEO of The Radicati Group. „It's an intelligent alternative to conventional email attachments, automatically providing email recipients with a secure hyperlink in the message rather than the file itself. Access to the attachment is controlled by the sender, or will otherwise auto-expire according to corporate policy, which is ideal for the storage efficiency requirements of most organizations.“


SmartAttach is natively supported by any email client on the market, since it can be configured by IT administrators to be fully automatic and globally deployed through the server. An organization can even globally enforce SmartAttach as the exclusive method of email file attachment, or establish IceWarp Server as a SmartAttach gateway to other messaging systems, such as Microsoft Exchange.

Administrators retain ample control over SmartAttach triggers, and can uphold many corporate policies according to the demands of resource management, security, privacy, and preferred business practice.

  • For selected messages or for all messages
  • For recipients at entire specified domains
  • For individuals and specific email addresses
  • According to Subject keywords
  • According to Message Body keywords
  • According to identified days of the week
  • According to time of transmission
  • According to date or within an identified date span
  • According to message priority
  • According to attachment types
  • According to file names
  • According to local delivery or delivery to a remote server
  • According to the response from an SQL server

„SmartAttach is a rare feature in messaging. Even though it introduces increased security, power, control and flexibility for the end user – it also represents significant overall savings in system resources,“ said Chris Grady, CEO of IceWarp, Inc. „When we previewed SmartAttach at our 2008 conference, our service provider customers were very excited, immediately recognizing the significant bandwidth savings it would bring.“

Those interested in learning more about SmartAttach can visit and attend IceWarp's free training session on July 2, 2009. Registration for the training session is free; those interested can register at

Journalists can also subscribe to IceWarp's news and information podcast, Press Outreach, via . An audio press release discussing SmartAttach is slated for next week.

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