This June, Existing Customers of IceWarp Will Be the First to Experience IceWarp Server Version 10 – the Next Generation in Enterprise-Grade Messaging, Mobility and Collaboration

IceWarp promises preeminent features, flexibility, security, mobility and affordability for businesses of every class and size in the newest version of IceWarp Server.

Washington D.C. Metro Area — April 27, 2009 — IceWarp said on Monday that its long anticipated IceWarp Server Version 10 will be available to its current customer base in June and will unveil the most progressive business-class messaging and collaboration solution to date. Version 10 is scheduled to be available to the general public this fall.

„IceWarp is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year,“ said Christopher Grady, CEO of IceWarp, Inc. „We're one of the few companies in the industry that can continue to claim strong grassroots growth over such a long period of time. It's due to our commitment to our customers, pure and simple.“

IceWarp Version 10 contains thousands of new and unique features, many of which are unprecedented in their implementation. These features streamline communication for corporate users and provide an additional source of revenue for those that provide IceWarp Server to end users as a SaaS. IceWarp has made a conscious decision to focus exclusively on its current customers this summer, helping each to transform their respective venture through the unique power of version 10. Part of this program includes a special live free web-based training series.

This program began last December 2008 and has been a huge success with customers.

„I have never known a company that values its customer base quite the way IceWarp does,“ said Scott Banks of Webb Wireless, a current IceWarp customer. „We've been with IceWarp for years, and they're the only company I've seen that puts the customer first. Who else provides free professional-grade training to all of its users?“

Greg Williams, another valued IceWarp administrator, agrees with Banks. „IceWarp consistently proves that they know what true customer service is. They don't consider their responsibility complete once the purchase has been made.“

IceWarp Server Version 10 takes four of the platform's most prominent solutions, messaging, mobility, collaboration and data access, and strengthens them with a host of unprecedented new business-class features and security enhancements.

We're a mobile generation that has clearly accepted the concept of the ubiquitous workplace," said Grady. „Conducting business on-the-go is a requirement, necessitating that enterprises of all sizes have access to affordable and manageable business-class communication. Our platform facilitates collaboration between employees regardless of their location.“

Grady contends that today's companies, from SOHO to enterprises and data centers, need a sustainable messaging solution that can adapt and thrive in any business environment, regardless of infrastructure, economic conditions and work-force needs. He knows that IceWarp Server is a truly sustainable solution because it is designed to be future-proof.

Some of the mobility and collaboration enhancements introduced in version 10 of IceWarp Server include:

  • Official Exchange ActiveSync Support – IceWarp's new native support of the Exchange ActiveSync protocol provides out-of-the-box synchronization of email and groupware data with mobile devices, including iPhone and Windows Mobile devices, without the need for a plug-in. EAS provides not only a robust user experience, but also reduces the overall administration of mobile devices within the enterprise that communicates with IceWarp Server.
  • SmartAttach™ – SmartAttach™ is a revolutionary new management feature for attachments, that conserves bandwidth, decreases load spikes, improves security and ensures better overall utilization of system resources. With SmartAttach, IceWarp Server can be automated to offload attachments and make them available through secure HTTP download via one-click hosting. The recipient manually initiates the download, ensuring that bandwidth is used only when needed and sensitive files are kept out of recipient email storage and archiving.
  • Unified Integrated WebMail – IceWarp WebMail provides a unified interface for access to email, groupware, instant messaging, SMS and VoIP via IceWarp's new integrated softphone.

These enhancements join a cadre of fully-vetted features already bundled into IceWarp Server.

Those interested in learning more about the newest version of IceWarp Server will be able to access Radicati's white paper, IceWarp – a Flexible Messaging and Collaboration Solution for Enterprises of All Sizes, on both Radicati's web­site or on IceWarp's website later this week.

About IceWarp Server

IceWarp Server is an advanced Messaging and Collaboration platform that provides a full range of services, including a secure Email Server, Unified Integrated WebMail, Anti Virus, Anti Spam, GroupWare, SMS Server, Instant Messaging Server and Gateway, and much more.

IceWarp boasts many industry firsts, including:

  • First mail server with integrated webmail
  • First mail server to support One-Click Backup and Restore
  • First mail server to support SSL
  • First fully integrated multi-threaded anti virus
  • First fully integrated anti spam
  • First groupware solution with an API, based entirely on ODBC
  • First dual-protection anti spam

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