IceWarp Announces November 16th as the North American Launch Date for IceWarp Unified Communications Server Version 10

IceWarp Server delivers breakthrough unified communications, mobility, security and collaboration.

Washington D.C. Metro Area – November 4, 2009 – In less than two weeks, IceWarp will release the newest version of its platform – an event that current IceWarp customers have long anticipated.

IceWarp Unified Communications Server Version 10 isn’t simply an improvement on Version 9. “It’s a completely redesigned system,” said IceWarp CEO Christopher Grady. “It delivers the promise of true unified communications through the comprehensive integration of every service and feature. IceWarp Version 10 is an affordable enterprise-grade communications system that can be up and running in 10 minutes, and fully deployed in hours – not days, weeks or months."

Since 1999, IceWarp has delivered highly unified messaging. However, the promise of full and seamless integration is the veritable Holy Grail of true unified communications. Pursued by few, achieved by even fewer, unified communications comes with a number of benefits, including flexibility, enhanced security, mobility, presence (instant messaging), management control and cost efficiency.

And IceWarp has achieved all of this with its new platform, IceWarp Unified Communications Server Version 10.

What Distinguishes the IceWarp Solution?

True integration – IceWarp Unified Communications Server Version 10 can be up and running in less than 10 minutes and is usually fully deployed in less than a day.

Zero-Integration – IceWarp Unified Communications Version 10 delivers a comprehensive solution requiring zero integration. The platform, which has been in development for two years, is now ready to be unveiled.

“November 16, 2009 has been a long time coming,” said John Cooper, IceWarp Director of National Accounts. “Throughout the months I’ve maintained contact with many of our current IceWarp customers. This is clearly the most highly-anticipated release in IceWarp’s history because they know it was built for them – to meet their communications needs.”

Up Close: IceWarp Unified Communications Version 10

  • Communication – IceWarp unifies all servers and clients, providing all methods of desired business communication, including email, business-grade IM, VoIP, and text messaging (SMS).
  • Security – IceWarp adds the most sophisticated server-based dual-layer defense on the market, securing all communication with dual antispam, dual antivirus, and robust intrusion prevention.
  • Collaboration – IceWarp provides enterprises of all sizes with advanced collaboration, including shared contacts, calendars, tasks, files, notes, and journals.
  • Mobility – IceWarp untethers users from the desktop, providing the powerful features they desire via over-the-air synchronization of all GroupWare and communication data. Supported devices include Windows Mobile, iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, Sony, Motorola, LG, and others.

IceWarp WebClient Provides Unprecedented Mobility and Flexibility

IceWarp WebClient is IceWarp's web-based UC solution that delivers all communication needs in a single unified web-based interface with a familiar Outlook-like experience.

Combining WebMail, Web IM, Web Phone, Web SMS (text messaging), Web Collaboration (groupware), and SmartAttach large-attachment handling, IceWarp WebClient is a zero-configuration web-based interface that can be deployed with a single click, making it the perfect solution for any highly mobile workforce.

With IceWarp SmartAttach, Users Can Send Large Attachments, Retain Unprecedented File Control and Conserve System Resources

IceWarp SmartAttach gives users the power to send large files quickly, while preserving system resources and bandwidth for both the sender and the recipient. In addition, senders won’t be constrained by the file size limits of the recipient’s email system since the file is hosted on the sender’s deployment of IceWarp Server.

SmartAttach also lets users delete email attachments even after they have sent the message. So long as the recipient has not viewed or downloaded the file, access to the attachment can be permanently blocked.

Over-the-Air Synchronization via Integrated Exchange ActiveSync with IceWarp SmartSync Technology

Integrated ActiveSync lets business professionals wirelessly sync email, contacts and calendar events with a number of widely-used mobile devices, including Windows Mobile, iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, Sony, and others.

  • Email – Since 24×7 access to email is vital, IceWarp gives business professionals the power to retrieve email via their preferred mobile device
  • Contacts – Users can rest easy because new contacts that are entered into IceWarp WebClient and Microsoft Outlook are automatically synced back to the central server and made available on the user’s mobile de­vice
  • Calendars – Users keep a handle on their busy schedule through synchronization of both personal and shared calendars in IceWarp GroupWare

IceWarp SmartSync, a new technology developed by IceWarp, delivers a more fluid end-user experience by improving synchronization performance for mobile devices where synchronization traditionally fails, including the edge of coverage areas, over poorly performing networks, and inside trains, tunnels subways, and elevators.

IceWarp Unified Communications Server Version 10 supports open standards, giving users the ability to seamlessly deploy IceWarp with any standards-compliant clients on the market. Plus, the platform provides superior server management capabilities, sophisticated backup and recovery options, dual-layer protection against spam and virus, advanced archiving, intelligent system monitoring, centralized message logging, and more.

“IceWarp engineered its new unified communications platform to be entirely future proof,” said Christopher Grady. “Today’s business needs a sustainable solution that will evolve and thrive in any business environment regardless of infrastructure requirements, feature requirements or budgetary constraints.” In fact, version 10 delivers precisely that.

IceWarp plans to notify its users of the arrival of IceWarp Unified Communications Server Version 10 on the morning of November 16, 2009. Those interested in being added to this Release Alert can sign up by visiting

About IceWarp – For over a decade, IceWarp has focused on unifying communications for every business class, size and niche. IceWarp Unified Communications Server Version 10 delivers an unprecedented level of advanced communication, collaboration, mobility and security.

To compliment IceWarp technology, the company provides value-enhancing free administrator training, flexible support, a number of managed services options, and a comprehensive business consulting group.

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