IceWarp Expands Mobility through Official Support of Exchange ActiveSync in IceWarp Server Version 10

IceWarp customers utilizing iPhones, Windows Mobile devices, Blackberries and SmartPhones will soon synchronize email, contacts and calendar events via IceWarp's native support of Exchange ActiveSync.

Washington D.C. Metro Area — May 18, 2009 — IceWarp understands that mobility must be at the heart of any modern organization. To date, IceWarp has delivered a robust and reliable messaging solution to 100,000 businesses and organizations globally.

IceWarp Server Version 10, due this summer, will allow any organization to painlessly deploy organization-wide mobile access to email, contacts and calendars to all users of iPhone, Windows Mobile devices, Blackberries and other SmartPhone.

This will be made possible through over-the-air synchronization via IceWarp's native support of Exchange ActiveSync. Syncing will work in both directions, keeping professionals connected to the most relevant and up-to-date information.

Users will receive email on their mobile device via universal sync and push protocols. Plus, any change or addition to contacts or calendar events in GroupWare will automatically be updated in the mobile device. The inverse is also true, for any contact or event that is added into the mobile device will automatically update centrally-held information within the organization and, by extension, every other authorized device or software.

IceWarp provides a closer look at the features of ActiveSync integration:

  • The complete folder structure will synchronize, including shared and public folders
  • Folder management is made possible, including Add/Delete/Re­name/Move (Windows Mobile 6.0 and higher)
  • Email functionality includes Send, Reply, Forward, Mark Read, Mark Unread, etc.
  • Device management and provisioning is enabled, including
    • The listing of all connected devices
    • RemoteWipe, to delete all data from a lost or stolen device, anywhere anytime
    • Security policies to enforce device passcode standards (strength and expiration), unlock attempts, local wipe of all data in the event of abuse
    • Certificate enrollment for SSL, VPN, WPA2 and other applications
  • Remote lookup in companywide Global Address Lists (GAL), including
  • Device management and provisioning is enabled, including
    • Email address autocomplete
    • Email contact list lookup
  • AutoDiscover, which simplifies mobile device deployment.

„IceWarp is committed to providing enterprise-class mobility,“ said Chris Grady, IceWarp's CEO. „Windows Mobile and Blackberry are most often associated with enterprise. Few people believe that the iPhone is enterprise-ready and well-positioned to make solid headway into that market. It clearly is – this is my conviction. The iPhone's native support of Exchange ActiveSync was a major reason IceWarp decided to integrate ActiveSync into version 10. IceWarp Server already supports open standards.“

The new integration of Exchange ActiveSync untethers the business professional from the office, while keeping them connected. This is a step that organizations must take if they want to succeed. Quite simply, mobility is becoming the mainstay of American business and IceWarp is on the cusp of what is to come.

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