IceWarp Becomes Security Certificate Authority to Offer Customer Multiple Protection Options

– Customers are receiving pre-configured,easy to install certificates fitting their infrastructure and business models–

SPRINGFIELD, VA – June 23, 2011 – IceWarp has become a Security Certificate Authority let its customers install properly configured certificates with just a few mouse clicks, the global provider of unified communications and collaboration solutions announced today.The company can now offera variety of individual and server Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates for all IceWarp Server components.

“Acquiring a security certificate from any mainstream certificates provider, such as VeriSign, Network Solutions, GoDaddy, Thawte and Comodo,is a daunting and resource-consuming process with pretty uncertain outcomes, since you have to evaluate many unfamiliar options and specification before the purchase,” saysJakubKlos, IceWarp Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and co-founder.“We have invested considerable resources to provide our customers with a clear roadmap to confidently select and easily install the certificates that fit their IT infrastructure and objectives. Our new offerings cover not justIceWarp Server, but also a variety of end-point devices, including smartphones from all major vendors.”

IceWarp has established itself as a ‘security-obsessed’ UCC provider in the positive meaning of the term. Its security options cover all Unified Communications components including email, texting, chat, SIP based voice, video and mobile phones synchronization.

“We consider the growing use of smartphones based on iPhone, Android and other platforms as the gravest risk for business communications, since mobile workers rarely even know or care if their communicationsare encrypted,” continues Mr. Klos. “Certificates from IceWarp solve this problem with the approved server-based protection.”

In IceWarp’s view, VoIP/SIP calls security is an even more overlooked issue. “We can proudly say that we have also properly implemented it on the server level,” says Mr. Klos. “Now we have the set of appropriate certificates to back it up.”

IceWarp has simplified the process of implementing secure, encrypted communication and offer a wide variety of options to fit their customer’s needs, including:

  • Personal Identification (ID) – This certificate is for personal use and will allow the individual to encrypt their email or mobile devices synchronization.
  • Domain Validation (DV) – This is the standard SSL certificate used and will allow a company to secure communication for a domain. It can be released as single or wildcard (covers all sub domains relating to the primary domain)or multiple domain (up to 100 domains with one IP address).
  • Organizational Validation (OV) – verifies the company identity and displays the company name in the site seal providing an extra level of security and comfort for the visitors. It can be released as single orwildcard or multi-domain.
  • Extended Validation (EV) –increases the required vetting providing the ultimate website visitor security level.

IceWarp is responding to constantly emerging security threats that continue to challenge rapidly developing Unified Communications market.

„Although the value proposition of Unified Communications has been validated at the enterprise level through its adoption, organizations must be sure that their communications security solution is adequate for the employee, the company, and external contacts throughout every type of call, message, and conferencing session utilized,“ states Hyoun Park, Research Analyst, Aberdeen Group. „By supporting multiple levels of security, companies provide the freedom to communicate based on business needs without the concern of leaving the enterprise susceptible to governance, risk management, and compliance issues.“

Already recognized as a leadingemail solutions provider, IceWarp (formerly Merak Mail Server) is deployed in more than 20,000 organi­zationsand supportsover 50 million users worldwide. The companydisrupts the Unified Communications (UC) category by delivering all UC components (email, mobile synchronization, texting, chat, voice and video) in one integrated, extremely secure and easy-to-deploy solution. Its customer include such market leaders as Marriott International, Inc. (NYSE: MAR) and Verizon Communications, Inc. (NYSE: VZ, NASDAQ: VZ), as well as small to midsized firms.

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IceWarp is a global provider of Unified Communications for every business class, size and niche. Building upon a decade of enterprise e-mailplatforms experience, IceWarp offers organizations an all-in-one highly secure solution that enables their mobile workforce to communicate through any platform, be it e-mail, mobile synchronization, chat, SMS, voice or video. The highly scalable product can easily be used by organizations of all sizes, from SMBs to large corporations, delivering ease of deployment, exceptional reliability and scalability. IceWarp’s solutions are available in over 40 countries through a comprehensive network of distributors.

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