Software602 License Holders Empowered with a Seamless Migration Path to IceWarp Unified Communications Server Version 10

Global partnership between Software602 and IceWarp ensures business continuity to companies using Groupware Server 6 and LAN SUITE 2004.

December 9, 2009 – A global partnership between Software602 and IceWarp will allow users of the Software602 Groupware Server 6 and their previous version know as LAN SUITE 2004 to seamlessly migrate to IceWarp Unified Communications Server Version 10.

Groupware Server 6 has been used by hundreds of enterprises of all sizes word wide, including the Czech Republic and United States. All Software602 customers with active licenses will be contacted and apprised of their available migration paths, process and services available by IceWarp.

Software602 announced that it will discontinue development of their Groupware Server 6 product to allow them to focus on their business solutions, including document and processing digitization.

Companies currently holding active Software602 Groupware Server 6 licensing will be empowered with a migration path to IceWarp Server 10 at discounted price.

IceWarp Server 10 includes an advanced groupware solution which provides the same scope and functionality as Groupware Server 6, in addition to powerful features such as mobile device support and integration with other key communication tools needed by modern businesses. IceWarp customers base includes tens of thousands of companies around the world including some of the world’s largest and ensures that Software602 can expect the same world-class technology, support and services they were accustomed to as Software602 customers.

All Software602 customers choosing to migrate to IceWarp Server 10 will be provided with an automated migration tool that will facilitate their migration to IceWarp and ensure business continuity.

All licensed customers who wish to continue to use Groupware Server 6 will be provided support until December 31, 2010. Customers wishing to continue their usage of the Internet Security Services must purchase a 12 month license extension by the end of 2009.

“This step is part of our long term strategy to fully focus on our solutions related to digitalization of documents and processes”, said Richard Kaucký , head of the board of management at Software602. “At the core of our company culture is the creed that every customer is important. We worked hard to find the best solution that could be utilized by our entire customer base and would provide them with a seamless migration at an affordable price. We have found this solution in our partnership with IceWarp.”

“I believe Software602 customers will appreciate this opportunity. IceWarp Server has continued to evolve over the last decade into one of the few, fully integrated, communication platforms available worldwide. We assigned a dedicated team of developers to this project with Software 602 in the past few months, with the goal to bring the functions of both products together. Software602 customers have a unique opportunity to migrate to IceWarp for the price of our one year renewal. They will not lose any functionality and will gain new functionality including VoIP and an AJAX Web Client interface.” said IceWarp Ltd. Director Ladislav Goč. We guarantee not only a complete migration, but also a training series for current Groupware Server 6 administrators who decide to migrate to IceWarp Server 10.”

About IceWarp – For over a decade, IceWarp has developed messaging solutions for over 50,000 businesses of every class, size and niche. With the arrival of IceWarp Unified Communications Server, the solution now provides fully-integrated communication, collaboration, security and mobility.

About Software602 – Software602, Inc. is an international software vendor providing technology for businesses. It is based in Jacksonville, Florida with customers in over 200 countries. In last 8 years, Software602 has focused on PDF conversion and secure messaging solutions. Print2PDF together with Software602 Groupware Server 6.0, a secure messaging solution with web collaboration containing SMTP/IMAP/LDAP/XMPP services and integrated anti-virus & real-time anti-spam protection, are the most popular Software602 products.

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