IceWarp Unveils Award Winning Unified Communications Server Version 10.1

IceWarp Unified Communications Server 10.1, winner of the TMC Unified Communications Product of the Year Award, drives workforce agility via focus on intuitive usability

Washington D.C. – June 15, 2010 — IceWarp today announced the official global availability of IceWarp Unified Communications Server Version 10.1, built upon the revolutionary level of technical integration achieved in version 10.0 – originally released in November of 2009.

„IceWarp Unified Communications Server 10.1 is perhaps the one and only ‚true‘ unified communications solution on the market.“ Said Tom Keating, founder of TMC Labs, who recently reviewed the software for Unified Communications Magazine." It includes email, contact management, calendaring, SMS, IM and a powerful Unified WebClient that can easily replace several desktop applications. It also allows you to make and receive VoIP calls from anywhere using just a web browser."

IceWarp version 10 introduced a level of software integration between communication, collaboration, mobility and security never before seen in the market. Now, with the release of IceWarp Unified Communications Server Version 10.1, the company’s focus on fine-tuning the most important features for end-users has delivered an even more intuitive end-user experience, including:

  • IceWarp WebPhone: An improved installation-less Web Phone for private user-to-user VoIP communication out-of-the-box, or integration with any current SIP compatible IP PBX system – providing end-users with seamless phone access via a web browser.
  • Exchange ActiveSync Multi-version Support: Mobile synchronization of virtually any device via full multi-version support of the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync®.
  • Google Maps Integration: Groupware integration of Google Maps.
  • IMAP Full Text Search: Fast and efficient search inside message bodies.
  • Google Chrome Support: IceWarp Unified WebClient support for Google Chrome.
  • Opera Browser Support: IceWarp Unified WebClient support for the Opera browser.
  • Kaspersky Anti-Virus Support: Integrated support for the high-performance Kaspersky Anti-Virus engine.

… and much more.

A fully functional demo version of IceWarp Unified Communications Server Version 10 can be downloaded at For more information about IceWarp, or to register for a personalized 1-on-1 Web Demo visit

About IceWarp – For over a decade, IceWarp has focused on unifying communications for every business class, size and niche. Building upon the best in communication, collaboration, security and mobility, IceWarp has revolutionized how organizations work and communicate. The same product can easily be used by SMBs, enterprises, data centers alike, delivering exceptional scalability as an organization grows.

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Availability – IceWarp® Unified Communications Server 10.1 is available through a comprehensive global network in over 28 countries, including America, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, China, Czech Republic, France, Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Italy, Korea, Malaysia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, and United Kingdom.

About Unified Communications magazine – Launched in July 2007, Unified Communications magazine is devoted to educating enterprise decision makers on why and how they need to deploy unified communications (UC) solutions. Every issue of Unified Communications magazine features a comprehensive news section; case studies of successful deployments and lessons learned; interviews with leading hardware and software companies; and an ‚industry‘ section, featuring analysis of important mergers and acquisition, partnerships and a Wall Street perspective on the unified communications market. Unified Communications has a readership of 100,000. For more information, please visit

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