Webinar Announcement: IceWarp Delivers Unified Two-Way SMS Text Messaging from the Desktop with IceWarp Unified Communication­s Server

IceWarp’s next webinar, in a series devoted to unified communications, will focus on deploying full bi-directional email to SMS, Web to SMS, and IM to SMS for enterprises of all sizes.

Washington D.C. – March 12, 2010 — IceWarp, a leading provider of unified communications, will hold a free webinar focused on the deployment of its fully integrated IceWarp SMS solution– allowing companies deploying IceWarp Unified Communications Server to benefit from the skyrocketing mobile messaging market.


Date: April 1, 2010

Technology Topics

  • Email to SMS: Sending and receiving SMS text messages with any standards-compliant email client on the market including Microsoft Outlook.
  • IM to SMS: Sending and receiving SMS messages via IceWarp IM.
  • Web to SMS: Sending and receiving SMS messages via the IceWarp Unified WebClient.
  • SMS Archiving: Archiving of all SMS text messages with end-user archive access.
  • Simplified Deployment: Organization-wide SMS via a single standard USB SMS modem or SMS gateway provider.
  • Multi-gateway support: Providing greater throughput of messages through SMS modem load balancing.

Business Use Cases

  • Mobile Marketing for organizations of all sizes
  • Improving communication with teams, suppliers, customers and partners with SMS
  • Emergency Notifications for School Systems and Government Organizations
  • Mission critical messages for IT administrators

For more information or to register visit…egistration/ or call 1.888.ICEWARP

About IceWarp – For over a decade, IceWarp has developed messaging solutions for over 50,000 businesses of every class, size and niche. With the arrival of IceWarp Unified Communications Server, the solution now provides fully-integrated communication, collaboration, security and mobility.

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Patrick Hagerty
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